GameCube settings

hii friends
i have the GT KING PRO and i try to run gamecube games on it
but its works very slowly
what can i do to fix it
i see some videos on YouTube that people runs gamecube on the GT KING no problem
i didn’t find where to config the dolphin graphics
or maybe i need to overclock the GPU and CPU some how if its possible?

what do you think need to be done?

If you want to play GameCube in the GT-King, we recommend that you use Android. Since there you will get more performance.

hoo you think its works better on Android
i remember long time ago i try install the dolphin on my android gt king
but i don’t remember why i don’t success
if i remember correctly its not support the android version

you have the GT KING and managed to run dolphin on it ?

I do not have the GT-King. But normally in the S922X has worked better Dolphin on Android.

i think i remember what was the problem
the android version is 32bit
and dolphin needs 64bit

Hey, try these settings:
GFX.ini: EmuELEC - Flycast emulation config file, Dolphin emulation config files. Flycast (/storage/.config/flycast/emu.cfg) , Dolphin (/storage/.config/emuelec/configs/dolphin-emu/Dolphin.ini, and /storage/.config/emuelec/configs/dolphin-emu/GFX.ini) · GitHub
Dolphin.ini: EmuELEC - Flycast emulation config file, Dolphin emulation config files. Flycast (/storage/.config/flycast/emu.cfg) , Dolphin (/storage/.config/emuelec/configs/dolphin-emu/Dolphin.ini, and /storage/.config/emuelec/configs/dolphin-emu/GFX.ini) · GitHub

There is an issue that the frames dip sometimes, I’m trying to find a fix to cap the FPS at half of the screens refresh rate and see if that helps.

WOOOW its looks just what I need
i will give it a try and update tnx

before i do it just to know if i understand it completely
i changes this 2 files


and what about this file

emu.cfg is for flycast standalone.

Flycast its for dremcast yes ?
you recommend me to use it also?

I think it’s useful for flycast SA so yeah go ahead. You can always change the settings for flycast by pressing select and going through the menu.
Note - emu.cfg goes here: Flycast (/storage/.config/flycast/emu.cfg)

Hey, regarding dolphin I found some useful settings here:

OK i will do also this changes
and what do you think
its not be beater to change the OpenGL to Vullkan ?

and i see this line on the dulphin.ini file
EmulationSpeed = 1.00000000
if i set it to higher it not run faster ?

The GPU Driver available in EmuELEC , is not compatible with Vulkan.

you think in the future it be supported?

i know that batocera support Vulcan
so it be possible to change the dolphin.ini to Vulcan?
and if batocera support Vulcan i think emuelec also can because its the same Linux OS no ?
maybe it possible to install the driver on it somehow?

The driver currently available for the GPU in Linux, at the moment does not support Vulkan. And this affects both Batocera and EmuELEC
When an updated driver is released with support for Vulkan. Will be updated. Meanwhile, there is no vulkan.
PD: In Dolphin.ini you can force Vulkan, but it will not work.

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tnx for your reply my friend
but please have a look on this new changelog

Batocera 33 - 2022/02/06

im not sure but its looks likes psx2 support Vulcan

so its means that this batocera Linux have the driver for it no ?

This would be better asked in their forum. Batocera runs on many architectures, including x86 which does support Vulkan, but again, you need to ask them, we do not know.

@SamWilson already gave you the answer. There are no Vulkan drivers for Linux using Mali, not on EmuELEC not anywhere. The gpu drivers are closed source, Vulkan is not implemented.

tnx for the reply my friend
and i try to asked on batocera forum about it but not get a response for it
but you and @SamWilson look like ones that know what you talking about

so its leaves me with the slowly problem
so i try to think what can fix it
so i think about something but don’t know if it can help or if it possible at all

i heard that dolphin has more costume versions that can gives a better preference from the official version
dolphin MMJR and MMJR2
and dolphin ISHIIRUKA

you think it possible to change EMUELEC to run this mods ?

Recent we were trying Dolphin-MMJR2, but we do not notice any improvement over the original Dolphin on EmuELEC. For what you see, the improvements focus more on Android than in Linux. :sweat_smile:

yes i didn’t see a Linux dolphin mods only for Android
so maybe the Android V can support the Vulcan driver :face_with_spiral_eyes: