[EE 4.4] DolphinSA capping FPS to 30?

Has anyone been able to cap the FPS setting to 30FPS? Most games run so-so and I suspect if I can cap the FPS to half the screen refresh rate it may free up some cycles for other threads.

Ok I think I have a kind of workaround that makes the 3D processing half the vertical refresh rate. By under-clocking the threads a small amount, enough for it to drop the display frames from 60 to 59 and by enabling vertical-sync it will fall back to half it’s refresh rate to maintain the screen sync.

So heres how to do it:
In Dolphin.ini, under [Core], look for Overclock and OverclockEnable and set too:

Overclock = 0.97000000
OverclockEnable = True

Also if your sound sounds a bit clippy, under [Core], adjust the TimingVariance to just over 2 GPU frames which for 30fps is about:

TimingVariance = 67

In GFX.ini, under [Hardware], set VSync to true

VSync = True

I have tested this and the only issue I get is occasional stutter fps drops, but I think it currently is un-avoidable. If anyone finds a solution it would be great to know.

Happy gaming. ^^