X96 max plus t with am7256, bluetooth misbehave

I have the x96 max plus tv box with an AM7256 wifi/bluetooth module

I’ve noticed that bluetooth with this model is working on the v4.2 but it misbehaves with ps3 controllers, because I could only pair one at once and when I reboot the system the bluetooth controller it’s no longer recognised

I’ve added the drivers for tv box x96 max plus with wifi/bluetooth chip following this tutorial for CE: AM7256(X96_Max_Plus2_T) WiFi driver for CoreELEC | Halogen Blog

However it still show the same problems.

Any ideas?

I have read Halogen’s tutorial. He is really clever and resourceful. However, his method does not guarantee to work 100%, I guess.
Since you have a specific target - bcm4354, why not post CoreELEC log to CoreELEC forum. The CoreELEC team is collecting info of device with WiFi& BT not working. Let CoreELEC team pull and implement the driver. It will be more robust than Halogen’s approach.

Many thanks, I’ve open a thread in CE forum in Emuelec: X96 max plus t with am7256, bluetooth misbehave - Emulation & Gaming - CoreELEC Forums

Also I replied in this: Looking for users with no working WiFi or BT - #451 by kevinrivm - Development - CoreELEC Forums

Will ask the vendor for the complete drivers for linux 4.9 to see what happens and will post the CoreELEC log in the forum, thanks