Wireless Controller Pairing Process Issue

I wanted to see if I can double-check the pairing process, so that, controllers get mapped for player 1 and player 2. I normally used to do this, but now is not working with emuelec 4.2 or 4.3.

  1. (First time only) Connect via charging USB cable, press PS3 button, and the controller is working. Unplug and then starts automatically pairing process and controller gets mapped to player1. Repeat the process with 2nd controller and get mapped to player 2.
  2. After a shutdown or reboot. Is just a matter of pressing PS3 button on each wireless controller and they will get mapped.

This use to work for me. Now, for some reason, I just manage to do step 1 with one control. 2nd control works only wired and never gets mapped as player 2.

This is very frustrating, maybe the process is wrong all along :slight_smile: so wanna double-check this. Happy to send more info if needed.

Best regards.