Where and how do i download and install Emulelec additional Themes?

Where and how do i download and install Emulelec Themes?

I see when i connect to WIFI and view the available themes there’s only a few…

I did however comes across a few really nice minimalist clean themes on other front ends like within RetroOz unfortunately i didn’t enjoy my experience with RetroOz and have found am more of a fan of Eleulelec,

I do see when googling searching there’s an infinite amount of Retro Pie themes but i am unable to download them as i dont have linux other than my Odroid Go Super doesn’t appear to have additional access to download more than the already mentioned themes…

I’d really appreciate other users experiences with them and what they recommend i try,

I am new to the scene so please be gentle :innocent:

You will have to search the net for EmulationStation themes, then if you get the theme package folder and copy it to /storage/.config/emulationstation/themes with SSH.

If you use windows use as a SSH client to copy the files across:

If you use linux, you can use the command scp to copy across the files via ssh like this:
scp theme_sub_folder root@ip_address:/storage/.config/emulationstation/themes like mine would be:

scp -r es-theme-Spin-Master root@

Oh yeah and default SSH password is “emuelec”.