TX3 Mini - Clone's and Fake's

Worth avoiding this box at the moment, there are a number of fake devices out there with anything from s905w Amlogic chips to Rockchip and Allwinner chips in them.

Genuine TX3 Mini

Solid body, rounded corners and slightly convex top, no led, and front display is right at the front of the box.

Fake TX3 Mini, much squarer and flat, front display is set back from the box front, and they have an extra LED on them



Inside: Genuine Mini


Clone - note the red board

Some of these boards boot to Emuelec but don’t have wifi or bluetooth. Most reports of the red board with antenna are they won’t even boot from SD at all.



note the bottom left of the board different chip setup for wifi etc.


Thanks this information will be very useful!

Always, it’s good to be prudent when making decision. Thanx for the info.
There is another explanation: small variations without notice. It’s quite common for those tv boxes building in China with no brand.
For example, AFAIK, there are at least 4 variations of X96 Max+, + , Plus2, Q1, Q2. Maybe more than 4. Some have no WiFi&BT, some have 100mb eth, some have 1gb eth.
I have one Q2. while playing with the box and searching the Internet, I learned that it’s not a problem of fake or genuine. I’t just they are using the same circuit board, while some minor components are changed, removed, added. The price is different for different spec.