Sorr not work after updating

Sorr is does not work/start since updating from 4.3 to 4.4. quickly booted back without any error messages.

To reproduce:

  1. Update from 4.3 to 4.4 via auto update
  2. Launch sorr in ports
  3. Game will not launch. Behaviour is the same when sorr folder doesn’t contain the data files.

Sorr should boot up as normal as it is in 4.3.

Emuelec ver:

s922x Odroid N2+

I’m using a 1tb Maxtor HDD for ROMs.
I’ve done a fresh install of 4.3 on another card to try the sorr data files. Works as expected.

If your having problems updating it might be easier to just use a fresh 4.4 image onto an sd-card. As an option you could also replace the 4.4 img files onto the EmuELEC partitions and keep the dtb.img file but no guarantee that the images will work fine with 4.3 Storage configs.

I backed up my configs and settings then did a fresh install of the latest emuelec. Sorr is now up and running as expected.
Thank you for your suggestion