RetroArch Access

Hello, using Emuelec 4.5. I have to remove the 8bitdo usb adapter and put it back in for it to work every time I start up Emuelec on my Odroid N2+. Is there some sort of setting where it might can recheck for it when i start the system up so I can skip that step? I don’t want to wear out the adapter.

Dumb idea here, so take it with a grain of salt
That said… Here’s my idea: There’s a “.sh” script that runs everytime EmuELEC boots up (I don’t remember its name/location, but with a few googles we can find it), you can add some commands to try and “reset” USB ports… Not sure which command might do that, but it might work.

Dumb idea but might work, probably there’s an easier way of configuring it, but I could only think of this weird way heh