Question about splash videos length / Auto-stop

Hello, I have a small issue/question and hope that someone can help me with it:

I wanted to have an individual loading/splash-video running before starting games from each system, did that and it works great (by putting the .mp4-files into the /roms/splash-directory).

But as far as I experienced it, EmuElec always plays the WHOLE splash video to the end before starting the game - even though the internal “pre-loading” time is already done (I know that because I have checked the loading time without having a video but just a splash-screen).

Is there any way that EmuElec can automatically stop playing the splash video when finished loading and go on to start the emulation?

Or do I just have to deal with it by having only like ten second long splash videos or so?
But then, the problem in some cases is that the video just ends and EmuElec is still loading the game in the background. Hmm. Would be great if the video could be on repeat at least…

Looking forward for any suggestions or answers! Thanks in advance!

Hi at least the common systems (snes, megadrive, nes, arcade, etc) have like the same time for loading a rom around 7 or 8 seconds, with 10 seconds videos sounds like you will have no problems. Dont know if there is an auto option.

I asked on the discord Server and currently there is no way to have an automatic stop. As I have multiple systems, there are very different loading times. So I chose to use an individual splash screen instead of a video…

This was tried before, the loading of the emulator is run on the background, but since the display is not shared (using FB) it ended up with the graphics all scrambled, since both were trying to use the display. I believe Retroarch has hooks that could trigger a “stop” to the video when the ROM has finished loading, but I am not 100% sure of that or if that can even work with Framebuffer.