Emuelec keeps to reload (preloading ui )

i dont know what i have done but the emuelc keeps trying to load the (preloading UI).
it stop half way and redo.again and again .
cant do much

plz help

EmuELEC version & device? It sounds like a corrupted sd / image. can you access by ssh?

hi ,
for the emulec version,i just dont know how to get it ?
the devise is android version :4.4.2

software version Number
ZNDS ver v1.0.01ln bY MR.Hoolay

Model number
HoolayMod for Q5 s905m

hope its ok ?

I need to know if you installed an official image from the EmuELEC github or a preconfigured one on your device or maybe there was already one installed full of games when you purchased it.

menu (start) / system configuration / info / version

Please understand that those images are modified copies of emuelec that we cannot fix. If you decide to install an official image, we can help you. EmuELEC is free and does not include copyrighted things like bios or roms, you must include them on your own. a greeting

sry im new to this.
here what i found.
build date: Oct 23 2020
Git Version :ddef65f626
Compiler: GCC (8.3.0)32 bit

its a build that i bought on amazon .fully build with game in.33 000 games.
theres only RETROArch that load.
i can choose one game frome the full list but qhen i restart by quiting 2 time in the game i see the loading for all the games then the (Preloading UI ) appears and goes half way.
then restart again over and over…

thank you for your help.

Please read the rules, we don’t support pre-built images, if you wish you can install the official image, then we can help you, otherwise, we have no idea what has changed on that image you bought (which BTW selling EmuELEC is illegal)