Is it possible to change the boot video? (v4.3)

When booting up, after the emuelec splashscreen I see the bedroom with the tube tv on it and castlevania poster… Can that be changed?
I see it is in a few place and when I try to change it, it always replaces itself on reboot.

It’s in the following places:

I saw one video for emuelec 3.9 says to alter the script here to point it to another directory
but there are no scripts in that directory in the 4.3 build
Looks like they were moved to /usr/bin/ but I can’t edit those.

Another one said to put it in the /storage/roms/splash folder but that didn’t help either.

Ok after looking at that /usr/bin/ it looks like I need to put the videos in to
or rename it to
Tho the /storage/.config/emuelec/configs/emuelec.xml says for random boot video it should be in

so some inconsistency there but I see when I put videos there… while they don’t seem to be playing… the default video is no longer playing so looks like something is working. I’ll keep playing with it.

ok getting further. I found that I had to add the call manually to the /storage/.config/

/usr/bin/ intro
as well as add my videos to the directories above.

Now it plays the video at boot but after it plays, the video player stops at the end… still showing my video overlaying the emulation station screen. Now the question is how do I kill the player ?

1.- Copy mp4 videos to /storage/roms/splash/introvideos
2.- Go into EmuELEC settings, enable Random Intro Video
3.- Reboot

Right i got that working but the video always plays 2 or 3 times and afterwards the video player stays open overlapping emulation station until i hit the start button. Happens every time

And also this

strange problem. is it possible that you broke something in the configuration previously? put your .mp4 video in the indicated path, reset scripts and try again

What version of EmuELEC are you using? and where did you download it from? this works as expected on official 4.3

Ok I figured it out… in my haste to get it working I was playing with the script and added my own /usr/bin/ intro line which ends up running again after the default startup. Once I removed it from there it worked fine. But it is interesting that calling it again makes it play twice and hang and not exit like the default startup does… In any case… it is working fine now.

Thanks for all the help!

It is not weird, the video player will not quit if called like that until the video is finished, since you are calling it WHILE the ES is loading, its running both at the same time.

Hmm but when the video is done shouldn’t it obey the -autoexit which is part of the command line? It would make sense to run it once from the main startup and autoexit that process and run again from my script and autoexit that process. It’s seems odd that it doesn’t autoexit

If you put it inside a place where the player is run as a unit (background service), no.

Also while you at it, you need to check the code, the intro video gets played only once, and creates a file that acts as a trigger, If it finds the trigger it means the intro was already played, unless you have “Always show intro video” the second intro you introduced is not playing as you intended it to play.

Ah ok. I understand now. Thanks for clarifying.

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