Updating/change EmuELEC img question

Hi ,

I wanna ask if there is anyway to update/change Emuelec imge without losing any configaration .
I am on 4.3 with like 280 games on mixed emulators and i am updating some cores when it is needed and rebuild 4.3 agine .
Is there any way i can just update the existing 4.3 image/ SDcard with the modifid 4.3 without the need to do a fresh SD installation and move the games to Eroms partition and configer everything agine.

In the EmuELEC partition, by copying over the SYSTEM and KERNEL images. Note - If you do this there is no guarantee that your STORAGE partition will have the right config files for your system image. Which is why we suggest upgrading or doing clean installations.

Thanks @Langerz82 , will try to do that .
I usually do a clone for the SD card , so if something went wrong i can allways restore.

:+1: :+1:

This worked perfactly for me , saved a lot of work and time :ok_hand: