Nintendo DS not working after update

Hello everyone, this is my first message, I will try be more active here in the future as I have been using Emuelec for 1 year and is fantastic, I have install it on 2 friends TV Box and for the kids of my friend (A new young Sonic fan now lol).
Well, my problem is i´m stuck on Emuelec 4.0, I tried update to 4.3 but the Nintendo DS dissapear from the menu. I tried reinstalling Drastic again but no luck.
I know I could do a clean install but I spent many hours configuring Emuelec 4.0 (Still using it as I made a full MicroSD backup). So i dont want spend several days reconfiguring all again. (Trying differents emulators for each game…).

Hello, welcome to the forum.
which means you “tried to upgrade” from 4.0 to 4.3 . the update failed? is it currently on 4.0 or 4.3?

It’s possible that you updated successfully and can’t see nds because it needs to be reinstalled.

so: the update was successful?

if yes: did you reset scripts and binaries after upgrade? (if you skip 3 versions without doing this it is very likely that you will have errors)

on the other hand many things have been changed/updated along the way in some system options and emulator settings. if you are not willing to deal with such changes you may have to stay on 4.0 and create another new EmuELEC 4.x image.

a greeting

Hello, yes, i update succesfully, just Nintendo DS not working even reinstalling it from 4.3

I will try reset the scripts, and if thats doesn´t work, i will try to update to 4.1 and later 4.2,…

Thanks, I will text here again.

Reset scripts and reinstall Drastic. If still dont works, do a full system reset or fresh install

Ok, I did that and now i have Emuelec 4.3 with Drastic working, but all the core configurations gone.
I will have to try another thing, because there are a few hundred games which i configured for work properly, with an emulator or another one. Different options at core,…

didn’t you say you had a backup?

emuelec is updated on every release…including cores and emulators and all the configuration options associated with them, that is, you will not always be able to keep all the changes, but you can keep the most important ones using the backup option in emuelec settings/danger zone

if dealing with this is a problem for you don’t update

In any case, emuelec does not require much configuration time beyond a gamepad and your personal preferences.

if you need to set an emulator on every game i guess you use mixed and outdated arcade romset and you will always have that problem with any other updated distro/emulation system.

then get appropriate and updated romset for each system to fix it

Hi, yes i have the backup for settings but when i use it, the core game options aren´t recovered. (I have also backup for full card).
The arcade games are fine, I just use Mame2010 and all work fine. Problems are more with PSP and N64 games, many games dont run properly with default options so I have to choose the best core for each game. I spent many hours doing that.
Also I noticed in 4.3 i can´t choose a core for a single game, I mean, like in 4.0 from the menu you can choose one or another core just for one game. But now only options for all the system games at the same time.

per game/emulator settings options are still there, just moved ( pick a game and hold “launch” button (A or B , depends where it’s mapped on your gamepad, help menu should help)
all the options will be displayed on the right side

Thanks, that´s true. I think I will wait to Emuelec 4.4 and i will do a clean install.