Maximum SD Card storage driver capacity in Amlogic devices.

What is the maximum SD card storage capacity I can use in a TV Box with Amlogic system?

I use a Beelink GT-King Pro and it supports sandisk micro-sd cards that slot into an SD card converter that is 256GB.

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Okay Langerz82, thanks for the reply. But my doubt persists, because I successfully used a 2TB HD in my TV Box which is also Beelink GT King, Wi-Fi model. Will it also work via SD Card with 2TB capacity?

This varies from device to device, you need to check the specs for the device and it will (or should) tell you this information.

So if a device accepts 2TB SSD, Pen Drive or HD via USB, it won’t necessarily support the use of 2TB SD Card? That’s it? Are the two circuits different?

Not necessarily, but like I just said, the manufacturer specs should be the ones to confirm this, I have no idea what your device supports as it varies from one to another, search for your device specs, or email the manufacturer, I am sure they have the correct answer to this.

I used a 6 TB external hard drive and via USB I installed Emuelec on the TV Box I mentioned above and I managed to expand the EEROMS partition up to a maximum of 2 TB (I don’t know if it’s due to the FAT32 system). So I came to the conclusion that via USB you can use up to 2 TB. But this is just my opinion. I know from reports that you can use a 512GB sd card in a TV Box with Emuelec, so I think maybe it’s possible to get up to 2TB. Well, I will keep searching. Thanks for the answer.hegar até a 2 TB. Bem, vou continuar pesquisando. Obrigado pela resposta.

FAT32 partition size is indeed restricted to 2TB. Perhaps you should create 3x2TB FAT32 partitions, although I don’t know how EmuElec would handle the different partitions as they would be f.ex. drive letters E:, F:, G:.

I use a 512GB SD card with my Super Console X MAX and it works fine.

Hi DeadVoivod, thanks for the answer.

  1. His experience shows that you can really use a 512 GB SD Card in a TV Box. Well, as for my report, I have no intention of using even 2 TB in my TV Box. I think the ideal would be to be able to use a SD Card. 1 TB. But I will explain the reason for my research. I share my experiences with Emuelec here in Brazil on Discord from “Galisteo”, an image developer. And there someone asked what is the maximum size of SSD that could be used in a TV Box. Well, as I didn’t have any high-capacity SSD, I decided to experiment with the 6 TB external hard drive. And then I found that I can use up to a maximum of 2 TB, due to the limitation of FAT 32. But of course I wouldn’t consider using the full capacity of the external HD in the TV Box, as it wouldn’t make any sense, it would be an exaggeration. Well, after that, I installed Emuelec on another 2TB external hard drive and I’ve been using it ever since.

  2. Shortly after, another member of that Discord asked what is the maximum capacity of SD Card that can be used in the TV Box.

  3. So I got curious again and decided to search. However, I couldn’t get information beyond what we already had, that is, that you can use up to 512 GB. I imagine that maybe you can use up to 2TB, but I don’t think we’ll ever have this confirmation, as it’s unlikely that anyone wants to use a 2TB SD Card in a TV Box. Mainly because for us Brazilians a card in this capacity is very expensive. And if we have the financial capacity to buy such a card, we would logically prefer to build a more robust system, with a PC.

  4. However, if the card cost less I would do an experiment and buy a 2TB SD Card just to clear up the doubt. But as I said, I think the ideal capacity to use a TV Box is 1 TB.

I think you have another problem, perhaps you can use a 2tb SD Card, but from my experience perhaps the system will be slow and faulty if you fill it.

I have an X96 air with emuelec in a 16GB SD card and I tried a 4TB external HDD for roms, It came from my bartop, so Full PS1, PSP, Saturn, Dreamcast, Gamecube…
When the HDD had like 2 - 2,5TB of scraped roms the system became slower and faulty, some times it just freezes…
So I suppose you can use a 2TB SD Card, but perhaps you will have the same problem when you use all the space or perhaps it is just my box XD

As I said, I use a 2TB HD in a Beelink, Amlogic, S922X Box TV. And I’m using about 1TB. In this condition there are no crashes. In your case, when passing the 2 TB barrier of the HD, it started to crash. So it could be that when using the 2TB SD Card (if it works), it won’t crash. But as I said, this is something I don’t think we’ll ever know. It is unlikely that I will test a 2TB SD Card in a TV Box. Thanks for the response.