Make NAND atv android boot priority and reboot using LibreELEC app in EmuELEC 4.8

My device: vontar x4 4/32 gb.
NAND: Android ATV 11.
EmuELEC: v4.8-TEST-04212024 (also tested on v4.6 and v4.7).
Problem: After the set-top box starts, EmuELEC starts loading, but I would like to change the priority.
Please tell me how to make it load first NAND ATV Android 11, then using the application LibreELEC was loading EmuELEC.
I guess you need to edit the files “aml_autoscript” and “cfgload”.
Please help :sob:

I installed modified files from the user “ded51_nigroll” on a clean version 4.6 - the priority was successfully changed, but this is for the old version of EmuElec, and also because of the modification the system takes a long time to load - instead of 50 seconds - 1 minute 40 seconds. I attach the modification files below.
Link: mod 4.6 EmuELEC