IR configuration not working anymore on 4.4

Hi, since I discovered this wonderful project, I’ve been using my remote to shutdown the system thanks to this config from the official wiki:

But for some reason, on build 4.4 this does not seems to work anymore. I have tested with CoreELEC 20, on which version 4.4 is based, and this configuration works there. I did not enabled BL301 injection in CoreELEC’s system settings, in case that’s relevant.

So, EE 4.3 and CE 20 (both out of the box, no bl301 injection involved) do accept the config of the wiki page posted above, but EE 4.4 seems not to.

One thing that may be worth mention is that on EE 4.3, the command ir-keytable -p NEC,RC-5,RC-6,JVC,SONY -t does output codes when I press buttons, as described on the wiki page posted above, but CE 20 and EE 4.4 does not.

Maybe one of you guys using remotes could test this? Thanks in advance.

My device is a GT King PRO and the remote is the one included with it, nothing out of the ordinary.

I ended up creating my own remote.conf with the help of this wiki:

Apparently that was it, on EE 4.4 remote.conf in /storage/.config folder seems to work!

Hope this helps anyone in the future.