HOW S905L-B device(HG680L ) install EmuELEC

i burnd ver4.3 to usb flashdisk but dosn’t work.
i dont know S905LB device is supported or NOT
how can i play it with my device?
What could be the problem,DTB?

我手上有个烽火HG680L 拆开看到芯片是S905LB 烧录好后盒子开机进不去emuelec系统
不知道是芯片不被支持 还是用了错误的DTB文件

Read this:

BTW, use only English. Even if you are no native English speaker, people in the forum are willing to help.

I’ve read the link you sent before but I can’t find any useful information. my device isn’t in the list neither S905LB
actually I want to know that if EmuELEC supports all device with S905LB,or some of them,even none of them
sorry about my English , hope you can know whta i said

BTW The question above in Chinese means the same as that in English.
sorry about that if make u confused

Thank you for your reply

Your box should be only available in China. I guess the developer of EmuELEC will not know anything about this box.
Perhaps you can install Android app “Device Info HW” in your HG680L box, and post a screen-shot of the SOC tab. It may help the developer to identify SoC of your box.
IMHO, the chance for EmuELEC to support your box is low. Don’t hold any expectation.

I disassembled the device and saw that s905l-b was written on the SoC.So I’m sure my device uses Amlogic S905 variants named S905L-B
1G ram 8G rom 100Mbps Ethernet ,2 USB port ,with WIFI, without Bluetooth
i want to know i can’t boot to Emuelec cause i used wrong DTB or this SoC was not supported.or there is no correct DTB file for this SoC or device

People outside China knows nothing about your box.
As to DTB file, you have to try one by one. If you are lucky, you may find one working.

Besides, you have to make sure boot-loader in your box is unlocked and support boot from USB. If it’s locked, you have to flash a unlocked firmware. It’s beyond EmuELEC support.

ok i will update information here if i have any news

BTW, you should read this thread.

The last post in the thread recommend don’t waste time in those cheap S905 boxes.