Game Kiddy GKD Plus Classic

OS that it comes with out of the box appears to be based on EmuElec with it dual booting into either Emulation Station or LovelyChild. Having trouble getting the OS that’s shipped with the device to connect to my WiFi, so unable to scrape for box art etc.

Thought I’d give stock emuelec a try so i installed EmuELEC-RK356x.aarch64-4.6-rk356x.img with it configured to point to the rk3566 dtb file, but it just gets stuck in a boot loop posting nothing to the screen.

Game Kiddy is super lacking in support and their instructions are a joke. Really wish they had paid proper licensing fees or did whatever other hoops they needed to jump through to get real EmuElec support. Will never buy from this company again. Their comments section on their kickstarter campaign is currently full of unhappy backers since most people just started receiving their units this week.

Yeah we have nothing to do with them. They do not support us in any way, and they break copyright laws distributing games with the operating system, hence we offer no support for there devices.
The only advice I can give is to complain to there customer support to make the chip compatible and if they provide fixes for it, we may be able to include it in the releases.

This is a much more well supported device:

Which I would get myself, except I need something more ergonomic for my hands because I have bad blood flow from diabeties.