Dissapointments ! 🤬

Anybody who wants immediate attention on issues, complaints, and frustration, this is the thread to distress.

I was incredibly disappointed after spending many hours figuring out how to tweak settings and menus in order to make games and consoles work, not to mention the controllers as well. I was further pissed at the fact that most games in ps1, dreamcast, and N64 are incomplete, sluggish, or sounded like a poltergeist wanted to come out of my t.v. speakers. In addition, i found total satisfaction simply playing all these games for FREE right on my android phone.

What is the point of this? you mention nothing about the hardware you use. EmuELEC is FREE so again, what is your point?

I bought the pro x2 console from Amazon.

This is not the forum for your device, we do not support those companies, please ask whoever sold you the device and post your concerns there.

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