Help ad1900 arcade box

Hi all,

New here so don’t kill me straight away if it is not the right place for asking, had a look round and could not find much.

I have bought a christmas present for my dad from aliexpress.
Arcade Box.
He could not help himself and opened the present already, everything was fine till 2 days ago when my dad tried to change some settings for the controller and now the console is out of the game system.
everytime the console turns on it goes into android.
I have contacted the seller and he has given me some support but still not working.
I believe my dad has formatted the sd card…
What should I do??


link to the device you bought? It’s not a supported device so don’t expect much help if it has issues.

here I Found some specs of the box
and here the link to the seller

seems it runs Amlogic S905 processor with EmuELEC 4.3

Image File:

dtb file is most likely: gxl_p281_1g.dtb