EmuElec 4.6 Fail to add a new category of PSP

I am not sure if it is a bug or my mistake so I post it here.

I added a category on my additional USB drive like things below:

		<fullname>Playstation Portable Sample</fullname>
		<extension>.iso .ISO .cso .CSO .pbp .PBP</extension>
		<command>emuelecRunEmu.sh %ROM% -P%SYSTEM% --core=%CORE% --emulator=%EMULATOR% --controllers="%CONTROLLERSCONFIG%"</command>
			<emulator name="PPSSPPSDL">
                    <core default="true">PPSSPPSDL</core>
			<emulator name="libretro">

And while I run the libreretro:PPSSPP,it runs into a black screen.And when I check the log It say a file cannt read.

I put the same CSO disk file on the default “psp” folder every thing goes well.

Hmmm… for me the psp part of your cfg looks correct.
When saying, you get an error any file(s) cant be read/loaded… what is/are the name(s) of those files? Have you checked the files manually, if the are possible corrupt? Infos or parts of the log would probaly help ppl, seeing where the error consists

It is not possible for the curruption.cause I said while I move it to the “PSP” folder it is fine.The game works well.

It say “write access to an ISO partition”,I think it is insant.

Ok I found the problem but Shanti think that is not a bug.Anyone find it in the future should check the closed issuses on Github.And I will stop talking how to solve it on the forum.

Because I think it is a bug.