Help finding PSP GAME (DLC/Homebrew) folder?

Hey there everyone,

Newcomer here, and already really enjoying EmuELEC on my Le Potato. I am really thankful that you already put together an image for Odroid N2L too!

I wanted to ask, do you know where the GAME folder in the PSP file system that PPSSPP (NOT the lr version) creates is in EmuELEC? This is what allows most PSP DLC to load into a game as well as how most homebrew apps are launched, like the port of CoD Nazi Zombies.

I’ve seen a couple of different ways that this is set up. In Retropie for example, the GAME folder is actually made as a shortcut to the PSP ROMs folder, so it finds the DLC when you drop those folders in. In some older ones I’ve tried, the GAME folder was inside of the configs folder somewhere separate from the ROMs folder. I tried the first option in EmuELEC and it didn’t work, and I couldn’t find a GAME folder when I looked around in EmuELEC’s file heirarchy.

Is there anyone who has successfully found this folder or knows where I can drop DLC to get PPSSPP to find it?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Figured it out with help from kelv on Discord! For anyone who finds this or is looking for the answer, you’ll need to create a GAME folder in /storage/.config/ppsspp/PSP/. Then you just drop your homebrew and DLC in there, and PPSSPP should automatically see them!