EmuElec 4.5 - BGM stops at 05:00 minutes playing time [solved]

I noticed, the BGM (background music) stops at 05:00 minutes playing time, when there are no user inputs / any activties.

It seems the music stops everytime after 5 minutes of inactivity. Is does not matter if there is a mp3 or ogg as BGM playing. I tried to press left/right to show another system on the mainscreen after 03:00 minutes. I thought the music would again stopp in 02:00 minutes (alsto total 05:00 minutes).

It does not happens. The playing tune was playing until end and automatical played another random tune. (as it should be) The music stopped again, exactly at 05:00 minutes while my last activation. I cant find any settings. Is this is a bug?

I have connected an external HDD where all the ROM files and BGM is available and mounted. (Maybe a problem when using external drives and hdd idle mode?)

I solved the problem, it was my fault. Sorry.

In the settings i activated the screensaver (dimmer) and there i found an option to stop the music when the screensaver starts. The timer for the screensaver was 5 mins. So i changed to option, to not stop playing music when the screensaver gets activated.

In the past, i didn’t noticed the dimmer (screensaver) because it was not darf enough. (An option to let the user change the dimmer ammount from 0 to 100 would be nice but not really necessary.