Bug - When using screensaver / dimmer

System: EmuElec v4.3
Hardware: Odroid N2+

I am using the screensaver (as dimmer), while continue playing background music and shown time/clock. It seems, the dimmer ist probaly just only a darked (dimmed) screenshot. Because the time/clock is no longer updated, until the screensaver is active.

Would be nice, if the time/clock is updated - even when the dimmed screensaver is active.

In the meantime, i don’t really think this is a bug anymore. Rather, it is more likely that this may appear to be wanted and known by the community.

If the behavior of the screensaver (dimmer) is not a bug, the following feature would be very desirable for future versions:

  • Screensaver (dimmer) should only blend a transparent dark layer, so time / clock and even update status (scrappler) should still visible (realtime status). thanks