BUG Amiga PUAE with WHDLOAD Games

when using PUAE as amiga core, there is a problem
when using WHDLOAD games. the emulated amiga
gives out an error that devs:kickstarts/kickxxxxxx
can not be found - although the correct files are in place.

when using the same game file & the same kickstart files
on pc with the same core, everything is fine.

i guess in emuelec the path to the files is wrong.

hi there.im using myself pue on emeuelec 4.1.problem with you have is with devs:kickstarts/kickxxxxx.the file is whdload file with should be located in \emuelec :ROMS\bios\amiga\whdl\Devs\kickstarts (kick34005.A500.RTB) and more files rtb rom.second location is ROMS\amiga \WHDLoad and WHDSaves folder.with will be created after change in retroarch quick menu \core option\whdload support. After you load game for amiga enter retroarch quick menu and find core option section.then locate and change whdload support from “hdf” to “file” and save settings in retroarch.just copy all kick3405.xxxx.RTB and kickxxxx.xxxxrom files into WHDLoad\Devs\kickstarts .


thank you for reply :slight_smile:

all files are in place and i dont have to do any of this stuff
when using retroarch on pc with the same core.

Yes but this is not a PC, you need to follow the instructions for EmuELEC else it won’t work as you can see.

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thank you for reply :slight_smile: