Analog stick sensivity with Emulationstation


is there in Emulationstation any possibility to modify the sensitivity of the analog stick of my controller? I can’t see any settings for this. I tried to change the settings of analog sensivity an analog deadzone in Retroarch, but the settings were not recognized and after quitting Retroarch and then starting Retroarch from Emulationstation again all my changes are gone and there are only the default values. Is there probably a solution to change or add a responsible file over SSH?

In retroarch settings make sure save settings on exit is enabled. Or try modifying it directly in the /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg file.

Ok., thank you! Where can I enable “save settings on exit”?
I’ve also looked at the retroarch.cfg and found these two parameters for the global inputs:
input_analog_deadzone = “0.000000”
input_analog_sensitivity = “1.000000”
Are they the right ones?

Yes deadzone is <1.0 and the amount before the controller reacts to the input. Give it a value if your analog is causing drifting when at rest.
Sensitivity should also be <1.0. 0.75 to 0.8 is common.

Ok, thanks! I’ll try these values.