4.3 s905x3 Wifi/Dhcp issue?

Hi guys, I’ve just flashed a larger sdcard with the latest github release and used termux to identify my device as sm1_s905x3_4g

The first flash last night went ok and I was able to connect to the wifi long enough for a theme to download as well as the update image (I used a possibly older one already on my laptop originally)

I think I may have impatiently fired up the abuse port but since then I cannot connect to the wifi anymore. I’ve tried both wifi detail methods, booted into android to identify my dtb and downloaded a terminal all ok. Reflashed a fresh github image and the same issue persists.

The router admin page does have EmuELEC with a mac address listed in the devices page but no ip assigned. I’ve tried setting up a static IP but that doesn’t seem to have made much difference.

I will try the non 1gbit dtb later tonight but I’m confused as to how it did connect initially to download the whole update image

Retroarch also won’t play ball with the wifi, it simultaneously pops up with a blue ticked connected notification, with a grey failed to connect one right above it