Ways to improve performance and graphics for N64 and Dreamcast?

Hi All,

Me again. So I have found that n64 and Dreamcast can be hit or miss on graphics/performance depending on the games. N64 being much worse, some Dreamcast titles can struggle (for example: City escape on Sonic Adventure 2).

I have found with n64, using the Mupenplus 32B core helps the performance of games but reduces graphics. I haven’t tried the 32B version of the Dreamcast emulator but imagine it does the same.

Any tips of what setting I can adjust to both improve graphics for 32B cores? What about performance on the non 32B versions? What settings can reduce sound glitches?

Lots of questions I know. In general, just wondering what settings can be adjusted to improve graphics or performance.

Thanks for any help and tips anyone can provide. My box is a s902x2 I believe, maybe a s902x3.

Dreamcast can work decent with low spec devices when you enable frame skipping 1.

N64 is more dependent on the resolution. Enabling the frame buffer usually increases performance but some graphic glitches can occur.

Thanks, I will give those a shot. I saw that setting about “game mode” in one of the emulators but says you have to download it. Can’t find much about it.