Ran into a problem with version 4.6 test

The 32bit N64 and Dreamcast emulators error out on 4.6 test. Reverting to 4.5 fixes it.

It looks like some libraries are missing. Is there a way to replace them? I don’t think I can access that partition.

It is kind of a shame since that version has newer emulators. I wish this thing would let you update individual emulators.

The 32bit N64 emulator is the only one that runs worth a crap on my S905X3 chip.

Just posting this for reference to anyone else with the same issue.

4.6 uses a new way to handle 32bit libraries, when you do an update you need to do a “Reset binaries and scripts” or else it won’t work, if that does not work, we need logs, otherwise no matter how many places you post this, we can all just guess