Need to replace some cores

Hello there!
My device uses S905L chipset, and updated emuelec to 4.6 flawlessly, BUT some retroarch cores are reaaaaally slow.
I was advised to replace them (libreto flycast, BTW) for the ones of the 4.3 release, as there will be a huge improvement.
My device has no wifi nor ethernet connectors.
So I downloaded the 4.3 version… ( EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-4.3-Generic.img.gz), installed on another microsd, as I have no reset, updated via terminal (reboot update), then got that microsd, connected it with an usb reader to a pi2b, and checked… the core folder was empty.
So I downloaded the 4.3 tar version, copied it to the .update folder on the eeroms folder, rebooted, updated… and the core folder is still empty.

My plan was copying it from the 4.3 core folder, and paste them on the 4.6 core folder, but where are they???

Any other way I could do it? Any advice? Thank you!

The cores are inside the folder: /tmp/cores

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Thank you! I’ll check there :+1: