Nintendo 64 is slow

After updating emuelec 4.2 to 4.6 on my S905x2, the N64 was working fine but now after a while, the emulator is a mess… Mario64 goes extremely fast and the rest goes extremely slow. I don’t know what did i touched. How can i fix this ?

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I just figureout i have to change the core,

it was loading instead of the parallel version.

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Hello, how did you do it? I too is having only 30 fps but I’m sure I can get more

in case of update problem/broken configuration always try resetting scripts in danger zone first.

compared to N64…with ParalleL_32 b activating plugin “rice” and framerate"fullspeed" you will get a good speed and sharpness at 640x480 but at the cost of Glitch graphics in many.

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I’ll have to try this. I took the time to try out a few of them on a systems similar to yours and all the games just wern’t playalbe and every setting i adjusted either broke the graphics or messed something else up. I’m trying to make this build ‘idiot proof’ as it is a gift and the performance I got wasn’t ‘giftable’

Well Mario64 has some graphical glitches but runs really well now. Thanks for the post. Now to see if changing anything else up will help the glitches.

Mario 64 is not a game that demands many resources compared to others, a mid-range Amlogic device should run it without problems, to avoid graphic problems using the Parallel emulator, enter the options menu and change the video plugin option “rice” to “auto” and save the game settings at the top of the menu before exiting so that it takes effect next time