Unzip or not the EmuELEC image? Balena or others?

  1. I recently found that the img.gz file works both if I unzip it and if I use it in the original way, without unzipping it. So I would like to know which is the best way: unzipped or not?

  2. Also, I noticed that when I use Balena Etcher on a blank card for EmuELEC image, and something goes wrong, I have difficulties to use it again with the same program, sometimes I can’t format it again. Does this have an explanation? I’ve heard some scattered reports that Etcher can cause some inconvenience, is that right? I don’t have the same problem when using the Raspberry Pi Imager. So I also ask: what is the best program to save the EmuELEC image on the SD Card?

Sorry for any inconsistencies in language, I’m using Google Translate.

It depends on the burner you use, win32disk needs to unzip to get the .img to burn, in etcher it is not necessary because it does it automatically. are the 2 that I know and use regularly.

although there are very few there are reports of problems using etcher, but the truth is that I have burned more than 50 images of emuelec and others and I have never had any problem.

I personally believe that the majority of problems of this type are due to poor quality, corrupted or badly formatted sd cards, not the burner.

Thank you very much for the feedback. So I can infer from your answer that the result will be identical, because if you don’t unpack, Balena will, and the result will be identical? Will the files be the same in the end?

As for Balena, yes, I’m not sure if the cards were original, I just know that after being unable to reuse it with Etcher, I managed to delete the partitions with GParted and could use the card normally using the Raspberry Pi Imager.

Also pay attention to the fact that I reported that the problem occurred when it did not work on the first attempt with Balena. Or when I wanted to reuse the card that I had burned with this program.

exact.etcher takes 3 steps: unzip, burn, check.

perhaps someone who has had the same problem would be more useful.

to reuse a pre-image sd deleting partitions first and formatting later is the right thing to do. the SD Card Formatter program is the one I use and it does it fast.

Once again, thanks for the reply.

I didn’t understand why the topic was closed!

But then other users who have something more to add, talk about their experience, can’t contribute either. Does this become redundant and hinder the progress of the Forum?

It’s OK. I won’t bother your Forum anymore, just allow me to participate as a reader. Thanks.

Because there is nothing else to answer? We can only give suggestions on how to flash it, but there is no one-way-to-end-it-all, some programs require unzipping the .gz others do not, but that is something that we can’t control since it depends 100% on the user side.