Translation problems

Hello. I use the emelec 4.3 version, starting from version 4.4 and above, an incomplete translation into Russian has become available. In version 4.3, too, not everything was translated into Russian, but there was even less translation on newer versions. What was translated into Russian before is now in English, is it possible to make a full translation or return at least as it was before version 4.3?

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Feel free to open a PR with your translation.

emuelec-emulationstation/locale/lang/ru_RU/LC_MESSAGES at EmuELEC · EmuELEC/emuelec-emulationstation (

Thank you very much. Did. Unfortunately, the entire menu has not become in Russian, but now it is no worse than in the emuelec 4.3 version. Is there any way to translate the missing menu items yourself so that the translation becomes complete?

I feel uncomfortable while I updated the Chinese translation and get refused update,so I make my individual CHN translate project.

This is not true. Your PR was closed because it was incorrect, not because it was refused.

It even says there that you should reopen the PR with JUST the translation changes. Your original PR had 749 files changed…

Wow +511725 -511726… That’s a lot of changes.

@edouard Contribution is always welcomed but we do need cleaner PR.

A quick peek into that PR and I wonder did you accidentally open the whole ES project under Windows using some text editor that replace all new line characters? Even so you should not do something like git add ..
When a lot of the things changed yet only portion of the changes should make it to the branch, only git add the corresponding part.

If that PR was merged then we will put ourselves into a conflict nightmare because then basically every pulling from upstream ES will certainly conflict with all our files, just for those shiny Windows new lines…

xiexie for your work !—— from china

That is What you see.But things hide before you start to contri the EE.