Theme music on automatic collection


I was correcting the music to play different on all my collections in the theme, but I could not find the correct name to put on the music to play in the automatic collections “All Games”, “Favorites” and “Last Played”.

Anyone knows how i could rename the files?

The files are already in the folder \Emuelec\Storage.config\emulationstation\themes\Crystal\assets\sounds\default

For the all games collection, I already tried “allgames.mp3”, “all.mp3”, “allgam.mp3”, “collection-allgames.mp3”, “collection-all.mp3”, “collection-allgam.mp3”, “automaticcollection-allgames.mp3”, “automaticcollection-all.mp3”, “automaticcollection-allgam.mp3”, but had no luck at all.

I managed to put music in the “Setup” and “Image Viewer” collections, so I guess it can be done, but I don’t know the exactly name in this three collections.

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Found it!

If anyone wants to know, is: auto-allgames.mp3, auto-favorites.mp3 and auto-lastplayed.mp3

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HI, do you know the name for “pc engine cd rom”, “amstrad gx4000”, “final burn”, “colecovision”, “image viewer” and “user instructions”?