A Folder for each Game, is it ok?

Hello, I’m trying to setup Emuelec for the first time, I’m a noob, please be patient :innocent:
I’ve noticed same game have more files, for example I want to add a game in my dc folder.

the game come in .7z format
[GDI] ??? (US)[51000-A].7z
inside this archive there are more files:
??? v1.005 (1999)(???)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!][%51000-A].gdi

I’ve read supported format for dc are:
(.gdi .cue .cdi)
so I can’t just copy the .7z file in dc folder, the question is:

  • Can I add each Game in different folder?
  • if yes, the name of the folder should be exact the same of the gdi file or a short form is good enough?
  • is this valid for all platform? when .zip or .7z are not accepted and there are more files for a game, is it ok to arrange games in different folders?
  • should I care about NTSC or PAL game settings for my 4k LG tv?

Thanks a lot, I’m trying to prepare for the first boot, and I even don’t know if Emuelec will boot on my device :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot

  • yes
  • you can choose any foldername
  • yes
  • no
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Thanks a lot @paparansen for useful info!
All the best

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“Thanks a lot @paparansen for useful info!”

you´re welcome.

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