How to change custom collections order?

Hi i have many custom collections and want to change the order they shows. I tried with modifing this line on /storage/.config/emulationstation/es_settings.cfg but nothing changes.

<string name=“CollectionSystemsCustom” value="Capcom,Dataeast,Irem,Konami,Midway,Namco (… and the rest) />

You can sort the systems in the main menu:


You can sort it alphabetically, by Manufacturer, by Hardware type or by release year

Ok thanks! So there isnt any way to sort it custom?

Do you mean sorting it in your own way without using the given four options?

Yes for example i want to make nes, snes, megadrive top games collection and want them next to the system (nes, nes top games, snes, snes top games, etc…) And i dont want to sort alphabet because i want the other collections to go at the end.

Hmm. I don’t know if that’s possible. I don’t use collections. But perhaps there is a “workaround” to do this. I just took a look into the /collections-directory. There are all the collection files, I presume (for example: “genre-casino.xcc”.) And your new collection (nes top games, snes top games etc.) should also be there, I guess…

If you open the respective .xcc-file (by using Notepad++, for example), you’ll find that all of them are xml-files containing different lines of information, like genre, year, pubDev etc…

My guess is that EmuElec takes its information from within these files when sorting its systems / collections. So if I were you, I would try to play around with those lines. Like giving your collection a “new” manufacturer / hardware / year-entry to trick EmuElec into adding them into the line-up.

But that’s just my spontaneous thinking right now, haven’t tried it, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work…