Set Up Joystick gamecube

Teach How to Set Up Joystick gamecube in emuelec 4.3

let’s try to map a gamepad in experimental Dolphin emulator version ee 4.3 using windows through shared network, winscp, samba:
we need to edit the GCPadNew.ini file, located in Configfiles / emuelec / configs / dolphin-emu / GCPadNew.ini
Edit the GCPadNew.ini file with the same values and device id of your controller in shared folders “joypads” or more convenient for me in “emulationstation Config” /es_input.cfg)
In the device id of the controller write “evdev / 0 /” first. Example: device = evdev / 0 / ID of your gamepad
I am using a ps3 controller then: Device = evdev / 0 / Sony PLAYSTATION (R) 3 Controller
I am using an xbox360 controller then: Device = evdev / 0 / Microsoft X-Box 360 pad
an example of how GCPadNew.ini would look using as a reference the es_input.cfg configuration of my xbox360 controller:
another example for an user with dualshock3:

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GCPadNew.ini invisible251178004_414874866685936_7906059818460896490_n

your screenshot is invisible. two ways to get there using shared folder “emuelec”:
1.Configfiles / emuelec / configs / dolphin-emu / GCPadNew.ini

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Request the emueleu 4.3 file that you used to download

I have given you instructions as best I can, I don’t know how my edited file will help you, you should create your own, but at this point…request accepted