Screencapture Issue - segmentation fault

Hello all,
While in-game with retroarch, I’m trying to start screen capture and crashes right away with the following error:

[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading history file: [/storage/.config/retroarch/].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading history file: [/storage/.config/retroarch/].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading favorites file: [/storage/.config/retroarch/].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Written to playlist file: /storage/.config/retroarch/
[INFO] [Environ]: SET_GEOMETRY: 640x478, aspect: 1.333.
[INFO] [recording] Custom timing given: FPS: 60.0000, Sample rate: 44100.0000
[INFO] [recording] Detected viewport of 1440 x 1080
[INFO] [recording] Recording to /storage/roms/mplayer/retroarch/Resident Evil - Director's Cut - Dual Shock Ver. (USA)-211002-135120.mkv @ 1440x1080. (FB size: 2048x2048 pix_fmt: 1)
Segmentation fault
exit 139

Any ideas?

video capture is not supported in EmuELEC, I have tried many times to make it work, but no luck.