Saturn stvbios problem

1.- Search google for the MD5
2.- Unzip your roms

I managed to play some games now, but only the ones with region EU, and I have the other region bios inside the folder, how can I boot US region games, for example? Or is it something wrong with my current bios for not loading US and JP games? Because when I play EU games it works ok, but playing other region it goes straight to main menu and displays “drive is empty”.

is region set to auto ?

How do I check it and how do I change it?

i just saw, that core doesnt have that option.

tried out EU, JAP & US games with that core - all working.

What core do you use?

i tried the same as you, yabasanshiro.

So why can’t I play US and JP versions? I mean, I can play it fine on my computer using yabasanshiro, but using the TV Box it only plays the EU versions…where is that option that you said about the region? Isn’t there anything about it on Emuelec or Retroarch?

You either get the correct bios as listed, or you look for alternatives as you are doing. Region is determine by BIOS.

There is also a “Check Missing Bios” feature in the ES menu.

Other than that, unless you provide logs (emuelec.log) you can keep guessing all day until you stumble on a solution.

as i wrote before… “i just saw, that core doesnt have that option.”