PPSSPP cheat not work on 4.2

With Emuelec 3.9 and 4.0 the cheats worked perfectly with PPSSPP, but on 4.2 it doesn’t work anymore.
Here is how I proceeded: For NOVA (eu) for example
-I placed the cheat file “0NPEZ00222.ini” in \ EMUELEC \ Configfiles \ ppsspp \ PSP \ Cheats
-in PPSSPP I activated the Cheats from the system menu.
-in the cheat menu nothing is displayed.
Here is the structure of the cheat file:

_S NPEZ-00222
_C0 60 FPS v3
_L 0xE0100041 0x1016A9F8
_L 0x2016A9F8 0x24050041

People kept asking for this, so cheats were moved to /storage/roms/savestates/PPSSPPSDL/PSP/Cheats/


Well damn… :grin:

Thank you very much for the clarification. I’ve been replaying FF3 and I’ve been using a few modest cheats to reduce excessive grinding. Had cheats.db in /storage/.config/ppsspp/PSP/Cheats with no love. Now I can upgrade to 4.2 and avoid needless RPG grinding. :smiley:

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