Known Issues v4.1

These are known issues with V4.1 some of them have been confirmed and some of them are under investigation:

Fixed in Dev:

  • Brightness is not saved correctly on boot (OGA/OGS/GF) (#574)
  • Some ports do not have background music e.g. VVVVVV & HCL
  • Shader issues
  • Two timezone menus in system settings (GH issue #572)

Not yet fixed


  • Dolphin needs automatic gamepad configuration (GH Issue #576)

Odroid Go Advance/Super

  • Kernel panic (or other random issues, like waking up from sleep) maybe caused by some WiFi dongles (Realtek RTL8188CUS)

Under investigation but not yet confirmed

  • Some gamepads do not work with the kill command and error logs

. Ogg files seems don’t work.

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Thanks, issue has been detected and fixed in dev (for real this time)