Hypseus-singe: Bump

I was trying to bump hypseus-sing to its latest. ( v2.8.2 ) a8c54caecf396de6616302a6d21ff9df7b100ce3
i have changed the PKG_VERSION in the package.mk and i started building image .
Everything went great . and image creation was done . when i run hypseus i could see it is on v2.8.2 .

but iam still not sure if it is done in the right way.
Not sure if i needed to change/modify the patch file (hypseus-singe-001-buildfix.patch) as will .

I am appreciated for any help.

If the patch fails it would generate an error during the build process. Does it run fine?

will , it dose , however not sure if it is missing some requirements as i could not see any difference between it and its previous version. still have the same issue which should be fixed on this version.

I have read the patch file. With my very limited C language capability, I think the patch file is mainly used to make compilation smooth. Besides, 2 lines of “+install” may be vital for EmuELEC to locate the right path to file. That’s all.
So, if the emulator does work, I would suppose nothing to worry about the patch file. Just leave it as is.

Tanks a lot @eric4gth .