Singe 1 American laser games 4.3

Hi there ,

Anybody had luck with runnung American laser games on Emuelec (4.3 )
not sure what is the problem but i could not have them running on 4.3 ether 4.2 , not sure if it is possible to have them running on Emuelec .

My guess they should as Hypseus Singe is inclouded and can run Time gal , Ninja Hayate , conan .

Any body can help me with that please ??

Hey ,

Anybody can help me to emplement those 2 files that fix Hypseus singe ?

I could not find them in the system files .

thanks a lot.

They are not to be “implemented” you need to wait for a new version

thanks a lot and for the hard work :+1:

Thanks for you answer @EmuELEC .
I think i figured it out and i am working in making all hypseus/singe work.
The answer is:

1-Daphne/singe games dose not run on hypseus/singe1 , and thats what i have and worked on Batocera.
( they have original laser disk rip files) for video and audio.
Maybe if we modify lr-Daphne to run singe games they will work , but i dont think we need to do it as we have hypseus/singe.

2-What we have in Emuelec is Hypseus/singe1.
Hypseus/singe1 can’t run Hypseus/singe2 games as they are MP4 format videos with one audio/Video file, It acually can run them but need to convert the MP4 videos to two separated Video /Audio files .m2v stream with a high bitrate to keep the video quality and without audio for video and ogg stream for audio.

3- Hypseus/singe1 in Emuelec cannot run m2v videos other than 480 resolution.
so after converting the MP4 video file to m2v stream video , it needs to be scaled to 480.

4-As we have scaled the video to a smaller resolution , we need to modify the main.singe file of the game.
Hypseus/singe2 MP4 are usually HD with a big resolution (720-1080) , main.singe file in that game are spacified to make the game overlays fit on that big resolution , we have scaled the videos to 480 so we need to change overlays places on the new resolution and resize the png files to a smallar size that can fit.

So what i am doing now is downloading the games agine but for Hypseus/singe2.
then do all what i said , then i will have Singe games working even on the 4.3 version you have released and no need for the one i created. then have a fully working Arcade cabinet with the Great EmuELEC :sunglasses: :sunglasses: .

Important informathin for any one need to run Singe games on EmuELEC

Cheers :wink: :wink: