How to contribute to EmuELEC?

How to contribute to EmuELEC?

Thanks for your interest in contributing to EmuELEC, I will explain a bit on how you can contribute to make EmuELEC even better than it is.

1.- Contribute with code
If you know your way arounnd coding/scripting, please consider contributing your ideas and or pull request directly to Github, here is a WiKi link to get you started.

2.- Contribute with helping other users
Maybe you’ve been using EmuELEC for a while and know your way around it? I highly appreciate all the people that help others with similar errors

3.- Donating / patreon
If you want to contribute and help with the project expenses, there are three ways to do it:

You could also use referral links like this one for a GameForce Chi GameForce Handheld! (coupon code EMUELEC for extra 5%)

Or get a T-shirt, stickers, mugs, etc:

Keep in mind while donations are not required, they are always appreciated and do help out a lot!