Developing games for emuELEC?

Hi, I am not sure if others have asked this question but I found out about emuELEC, the GameForce among other retro handheld devices this morning after doing a bit of research. I am a concept artist and game dev working on a space sim, among other projects using the the Pioneer Space Sim engine. I was thinking about creating a port of my game for handhelds such as the Gameforce so I went ahead to look for documentation though I found that it was primarily focused towards installing emuelec. Is there any documentation for developing for emuelec?

I am not a game dev in any way, so take this with a grain of salt.

Any port that works under Linux aarch64 and that supports SDL2 rendering should in theory work. I looked into the Pioneer Space Sim engine and in theory it should work. Just stay away from X11 or Wayland as these small OSs do not support any.

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Thanks for that info, so in that case I would just have to ensure my port versions work within the limitations of the hardware.

Yes. Also consider doing the port for the SBC part of EmuELEC with more power, like the s905x3 and S922x Amlogic SOCs