Help installing standard ports seen in the menu

Some of the ports which show in the menu (2048, Cave Story, Prince Of Persia) started right away when chosen,
I managed to install Duke3D by creating “eduke” folder and adding the grp files and it works too,
but some games don’t work and don’t try to install.
Super Mario War and Bermuda Syndrome don’t do anything and I have no idea how to install them.
XRick is trying to start but is missing even when it’s there.
Prince Of Persia works even though it’s not there in the ports folder but the controls are messed up.

Could someone write an installing guide (or make a video) for all of the games seen in the menu of the latest release, step by step, for non-programmers, the way you would explain it to your grandmother?

Use the “Missing Bios” in the game options menu

or check here: Bios · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub

Which file from their website should download and put there as
source code + data (zip)
Windows binary (with SDL)
Linux i386 binary (without SDL)
anything else?

There’s nothing about Bermuda and Mario there.