Error after rebooting after a game crash

After a crash, i rebooted the device (X96 Max Plus Ultra - S905X4), language has reset to english and allthough it shows 720P in settings, display is 1080P (same type of error it happens with language: it shows portuguese or any other that i pick but keeps using english). how to solve?

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The file system is probably corrupted.

If you know a bit about Linux you could run e2fsck to try to fix it, and even if you can’t, at least mount the drive and backup your data.

If you’re on Windows, there’re some software that supports reading from Linux ext4 fs, but I won’t give exact recommendation on which one to choose as I never used them for that task.

The simplest solution as always is to just do a new installation, if you don’t want to dig about Linux or at least Linux FS on Windows.

To prevent this to happen again in the future, get a qualified after-market power supply with at least 5V 3A. A lot of these fs corruption are caused by the janky 5V2A power supply that comes with these cheap boxes.

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nice hint the one from the power suply. i have connected a usb-hub, external wifi and a blower so that’s probably the source of these problems.

display isnt changed unless you restart EmulationStation or reboot. I dunno about your language issue.