EmuELEC 4.5 - Odroid C4 - WiFi Module 5BK not working

Hi, i’ve installed EmuELEC 4.5 on my ODROID-C4 and i have the hardkernel wifi module 5bk plugged in, its detected and i see the wlan0 interface.

On emulationstation i enabled wifi, configured ssid and password, but no connection.

I checked /storage/.cache/connman/ and it seems emulationstation is not writing the configuration there.

Anyone has any idea what the problem might be? How can i debug this?

I just copied /storage/.cache/connman/wifi_e0e1a933e807_4d41562d3547487a_managed_psk from CoreELEC to EmuELEC and it works fine, wifi connects.

I will open a bug on github.