Emuelec 4.4 and 4.5 it breaks the picture when i exit the game to the main menu

After updating to version 4.4 and later to 4.5, I always have this problem, the image overlaps when playing even such light systems as nes or sega, ps1 can not be played anymore, after exiting the game to the main menu, the image from the game remains in which I played, it is very strange I am looking for help on a group on facebook but no one replies there,play on retro konsol x king

not sure but I assume it refers to a beelink gt King device with an emuelec pre-installed with thousands of games.

probably the problem is the bad implementation of the software by the seller, unfortunately we can’t help you because it’s a preconfigured image, you should contact him. but probably a dead end; if you don’t want to waste any more time you should save that card or make a backup copy of your roms and create a new official image of EmuELEC

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