Duckstation standalone in 4.3? or Enable opengl with S905 for PSX games?

Hello, its possible enable or install duckstation with Emuelec 4.3? My device have an S905H rev.3, its only have OpenGL 2.0 , when i select duckstation or any other emulator and set any resolution i dont get that, allways get native resolution and software render!
In PSP x example i can run games with Hardware OpenGL and even 4 x resolution (1080p) perfect! But with PSX games its imposible!
Any help?

Duckstation renders by software. Since the hardware requires at least OpenGL 3.1 / OpenGL ES 3.1. So an S905 does neither of those things.

Thanks Sam, thats is disappointing! Is there any way to run psx games with opengl 2.0? The gpu is more than capable with PSP, but same games PSX have not equivalent on PSP!
Thanks again!